What Is a Canker Sore and How Do You Get Them?

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Do you have little white or yellow bumps in your mouth that may have a red border around them? If so, you may have a canker sore. Canker sores may be one of the most common infirmity in the dental health community, affecting roughly one in five people, but their exact cause is unknown.

What are Canker Sores?
As mentioned, cankers are small white sores that can form on the inside of your mouth. While canker sores can reoccur, they are not contagious. They can be small in appearance and are typically oval or round in shape.

Risk Factors
While the exact cause of canker sores isn’t known, there may be certain factors that could increase your chances of developing them. These may include:
-Mouth Injuries: One description of a canker sore is an abrasion in the mouth. From this description alone, it may not be a big surprise to know that an injury in your mouth could elevate your risk of developing one. Things like biting your cheek or being injured during sports could fall into this category.
-Hormonal Changes: With so many changes occurring in the body, there could easily be a correlation.
-Food Sensitivities: If you are sensitive to certain foods, they can agitate your mouth and leave you vulnerable to getting canker sores. If you already have canker sores, foods that are acidic or spicy may cause you discomfort.
-Certain Health Conditions: If you have something that affects your immune system, your risk for canker sores could be higher.
-Stress and Fatigue: Some studies have shown that stress and fatigue can play a role in canker sore development.

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