This Holiday Season, Treat Your Smile to These Tooth-Friendly Foods

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December is a month of holidays, social events and lots of gatherings. Now, more than ever, we are surrounded by sugary temptations that aren’t just bad for our waistlines, but our smile as well. Today we would like to review some healthier alternatives to reach for when you find yourself surveying the holiday fare.


Whether you are choosing food to put on your plate or providing them for your own guests, remember that sugar isn’t the main course. A choice that is both savory and satisfying to your taste buds are specialty cheeses. Cheese is always good for your teeth, because of the calcium and casein (a dairy protein) it contains. These can remineralize your tooth enamel, along with fluoride. Tooth enamel is always under attack when you eat, but even more so when the acid-causing oral bacteria thrive on sugars and starches. So, whenever you eat or drink sugary items you are literally feeding oral bacteria.

Vegetables and Fruit

Crudités, as the French call them, or raw fruits and vegetables, are excellent alternatives to sugary-filled goodies. The fiber in these foods requires heavy chewing action, which stimulates saliva production. This helpful part of your oral anatomy doesn’t just neutralize oral acids, but it rinses off oral debris as well.


Snacking on nuts also stimulates healthy saliva levels while providing your teeth with calcium and phosphorous which also remineralize precious tooth enamel. Good choices are cashews, almonds, and Brazil nuts.

We hope these three delicious alternatives to sugar-filled holiday treats keep your smile healthy long past the holiday season. If you have any concerns for Michael G. Dab, D.D.S, please reach out to us at 415-472-5211. Our dentist, Dr. Michael Dab, and the rest of our team in San Rafael, California, wish you and yours a healthy holiday season!