November 2, 2020

It has been nine months since the start of the pandemic, and we would like to address some concerns surrounding dental treatment. Beginning in March, we postponed nonemergency dentistry for nine weeks, but we are back and have been safely seeing patients for all procedures since late May.

For some patients, the first trip to our office during the pandemic triggered anxiety regarding the potential risks. Our coronavirus precautions have quickly allayed this fear. These precautions include temperature checks for all staff and patients, screening questions per CDC guidelines, and mouth rinse before being seated in a dental chair to reduce oral viral and bacterial content. We have installed air purifiers and limit the number of people in our office. Our patients have overwhelmingly expressed how pleased they are. Our response to the pandemic is part of why there has not been a single case of COVID-19 transmission from dental staff to patient, or from patient to patient, anywhere in the country!

Dentists have implemented measures to prevent the spread of viruses and infectious diseases for decades. We believe our office is one of the safest public places you can visit. As reported in the national media, we are seeing an increase in stress-related dental problems, as well as long-term issues, including advanced tooth decay and gum disease. We strongly urge you to maintain your routine of regular dental care to avoid the consequences of delaying preventive care or treatment.

If you have specific concerns about scheduling, please call us directly so we can discuss possible solutions. Our office is open with regular hours Tuesday through Friday.


Looking forward to seeing you soon,

Dr. Yang and Dr. Dab