Additional Information About Toothbrushing Techniques

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Are you aware of tooth brushing techniques that need to be employed in your mouth to ensure that your teeth and gums can continue to thrive? Not only should you be making sure that you are brushing twice a day, but you need to make sure that you’re using the appropriate tools and using the tools appropriately. If you fail to exercise basic fundamental skill sets in regard to brushing your teeth, you can miss key areas of your smile and failed to clean your mouth properly.

When cleaning out your mouth, you’re going to want to focus on tooth brushing techniques that are safe and effective. If you fail to brush your teeth correctly, you could end up hurting your teeth in the process. Oftentimes, brushes can cause dental abrasion if you’re brushing too hard or using brushes that have extremely hard bristles. To combat this, use gentle, soft strokes, and always select a brush that contains soft bristles only.

Another common risk factor for brushing your teeth is a failure to brush all sides of a tooth. If you’re only cleaning the fronts of teeth, you are missing crucial areas in the back. Also, be sure to keep track of where you store your toothbrush to ensure cleanliness, as a contaminated toothbrush will cause further oral health risks. Ideally, you should aim for brushing your teeth two to three minutes each session twice every day.

No matter which toothbrushing techniques you employ, the real importance is the oral health benefits they can give. If you would like Dr. Michael Dab and our team to bring you in for an exam to determine which treatments and procedures are right for you, please schedule an appointment at our dental office in San Rafael, California, by calling us at 415-472-5211.