Root Canal Treatment

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Dead Tooth Treatment

Michael G Dabs, DDS of San Rafael, California performs root canals when the occasion calls for it. When a root canal procedure is called, it is used to preserve a dead tooth as an alternative option of costly restoration. Preserving a dead tooth is ideal to help you sufficiently chew your food and speak properly. Following a root canal, the tooth is left brittle and is susceptible to cracks and fractures, to prevent this; a crown is installed over the root canal.

Root Canal Procedure

During a root canal procedure, Michael G Dabs, DDS expertly removes the pulp that is inflamed and/or infected. We carefully clean and shape the interior of the decaying tooth, after which the space is filled and sealed to prevent any further infections. Generally, after a root canal, a temporary crown is placed on top of the tooth until your gum line has the opportunity to and the lab expertly constructs a permanent crown. The temporary crown is essential to protect the hollowed tooth, and allow for adequate chewing speaking abilities. After the appointed time, you return to the office of Michael G Dabs, DDS for the permanent crown placement.

Difference Between Needing a Filling or Root Canal

When Michael G Dabs, DDS recommends a root canal; there are several determining factors that are considered which include a few of the following examples:
– X-Ray Results
– The Type and Level of Pain
– Fistula on the Gums
– Abscess on the Gums
With our experience, ongoing training, expertise and evidence pointing to a tooth that is dying, Michael G Dabs, DDS will often offer a root canal and crown procedure as the optimal and cost effective solution. When you are experiencing pain that requires a root canal, generally an infection is present. To remove the infection, Michael G Dabs, DDS will prescribe a series of antibiotics. As an alternative approach and under their right circumstances, a tooth implant might be more fitting.

Root Canal Aftercare

After the completion of your root canal procedure Michael G Dabs, DDS will remind you to avoid biting or chewing on the tooth the treated tooth until the permanent crown is placed. Even with a temporary crown, the tooth is still vulnerable. Continue excellent oral hygiene practices including brushing, flossing, and oral rinse a minimum of 2 times a day. Some people may experience some discomfort, pain, tenderness, or even no pain after their root canal. Once the numbness has faded, any lingering pain may manifest itself between 17 and 24 hours following the procedure. Prescribed pain medication or instructions to over the counter medication will be offered in the event you experience any level of pain.

Root Canal Treatment is Terra Linda, San Rafael, California

If you are experiencing any pain in the Greater San Rafael, California are, don’t hesitate to contact the office Michael G Dabs, DDS. We include emergency appointments if the pain becomes severe. Call Michael G Dabs, DDS to schedule your appointment!