Periodontics is the prevention, diagnosis and a series of treatments that are used to prevent gum disease and treat issues with your gums and jawbone that are a result of periodontal disease and more. The gums in your mouth play an important role in the health and support of your teeth and jaw bone. Periodontal disease is a progressive condition and many people are not even aware they have periodontal disease until it becomes more advanced. The beginning stages can be a slight inflammation of the gums and some bleeding when brushing and flossing. Whether you have a mild case or severe case, periodontics treatment will be needed.

Periodontal & Gum Disease Treatments

There are several periodontal treatments that can be done to stop the onset of gum disease. If you are experiencing localized gum recession, an infection causing gum disease, the affected gum tissue will need to be removed to stop the spread of the damage. You may also need to have the gums reshaped near a crown to lengthen the crown to expose more of it. If you have a gum line that is uneven you can have ridge augmentation work done to correct it and make it more esthetically pleasing.

Before you can have any periodontal treatments done, Michael G. Dab, DDS will have to determine the cause(s) and ensure they are treated first. After the gum area is treated and the bacteria and calculus build up removed to stop the spread of infection, we will take time to consult with you about what you can do on your own to prevent further problems with periodontal disease.