Ozone Dentistry

Have you ever wanted to have your cavity treated without the use of needles or drills? There is an exciting option that exists for you. It is called Ozone Dentistry or Activated Oxygen and it is a process that utilizes ozone in the form or a gas, liquid or oil. Michael G. Dab, DDS is one of the few certified practices to offer this innovative technology.

This technology has been developed over the past two decades in Europe and Canada and Michael G. Dab, DDS has been offering this service for some time now, right here in San Rafael, California. Our patients have responded positively to it!

Ozone is a gas that most people would think of when talking about smog or pollutants in the air but it has some amazing abilities to kill off bacteria of almost any kind. When a bacteria, virus or fungus is exposed to the activated form of oxygen, it not only stops them from growing but also breaks them apart to get rid of them.

Bacteria is so small that it can be in the tiniest areas of your teeth and gums. The longer it sits there, the more damage is being done. The standard dental procedure to treat bacteria that is affecting the tooth is to numb the area, drill out the part of the tooth that has been affected by decay and fill it with a filling material. Ozone treatment not only stops larger areas of disease in the gums and decay in the teeth, but it can also prevent areas that have started to harbor bacteria already from escalating to more serious dental problems. Activated oxygen can also assist in stopping cold sore outbreaks, removing canker sores inside your mouth and desensitizing painful teeth.

If you are interested in our noninvasive ozone treatment to stop the spread of bacteria, give us a call.