Dental Exams and X-Rays; Oral Diagnosis & Treatment Planning

Michael G. Dabs, DDS is committed to delivering our patients more than just excellent dental care. We are also passionate about giving our patients a smile they can be proud of while being comfortable at the dentist’s office. Our dental support team has advanced and ongoing training, years of valuable experience, and are talented and skilled. With their qualifications, they continually deliver superior quality workmanship while still upholding high moral standards and work ethics. We pride ourselves on providing authentic friendly customer service consistently, the moment you walk into our establishment. At Michael G. Dabs, DDS of San Rafael, California we truly care about our patients. As a result we utilize high-end products, tools, and equipment exclusively offered to licensed professionals to ensure premium quality results.

Frequency of Dental Exams & X-Rays; How Often Are They Needed?

Michael G. Dabs, DDS Dental Exam and X-Rays are recommended every 6 months. This is a perfect opportunity to express your oral health concerns and ask your questions. Following your consultation, Michael G. Dabs, DDS will perform the exam by examining your teeth, gums and mouth and take the X-Rays as well as panoramic radiographs if needed. The panoramic radiographs help us view impacted teeth as well as any sinus conditions, and detect any lesions or fractures that are in the jaw. Our comprehensive exam and X-ray is a complete look into your dental work to discover any potential issues and find the most optimal solutions.

Oral Dental Diagnosis & Treatment Planning

During this appointment Dr. Michael G. Dabs, DDS will then discuss what was found during your exam and X-rays and present the most ideal solutions for your dental treatment plan specific to your needs. Our experts will answer your questions and explain why each procedure is beneficial.

Dental Care & Oral Health Tips

The exam and x-ray service is designed to catch minor issues from before they become major and costly problems that can impact your long term oral health and goals. Following your appointment Michael G. Dabs, DDS experts can share some tips with you to help you achieve a healthier oral hygiene. Tips may include:
– Ensuring you brush your teeth a minimum of twice a day; once in the morning and once before bed, thoroughly. Be sure to brush the surfaces of each individual tooth, doing so at the appropriate angle.
– Flossing every time you brush. Every time you brush, go in between your teeth with some high quality floss and remove the buildup to the best of your ability.
– Rinse with an approved mouthwash following every brushing and flossing.
– If you are not in the position to brush, chase your meals down with carrots, apples or celery to scrape away the remaining residue and/or rinse with water.
– Avoid sugary beverages and foods, especially when you are not in the position to brush.

Dental Exams and X-Rays; Oral Diagnosis & Treatment Planning in Terra Linda, San Rafael, California

If you are due for a dental exam and x-ray service, contact Michael G. Dabs, DDS today to schedule you appointment. Our friendly staff can get your appointment set quickly and answer any questions you may have.